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So I’m new here…

August 4, 2011

I’m new to this world of Stay At Home-parenting (and I say parenting because we have some stay at home dad friends.  Some, not lots.  I am also new to this acronym world.  SAHM?  Saw-m?)  Anywho…so I have been home about a month now with our two chickens (and when I say chickens, I don’t mean literal chickens.  That would be our neighbors up the street.  YES!  In the city of Bmore.  Great, right?)  I mean our two kidlets, Soph and J, ages 3.83 and seven months, respectively.  And in this month “at home” (and I use that loosely, as I apparently am using parentheses loosely, because, mylanta, we I like to get out of the house daily) I have learned some things…

1) I like to get out of the house daily.  Aside from the obvious joy of  buckling and unbuckling said kidlets in and out of their car seats in bajillion degree heat, getting out is good for me  us.

2) I am terrible at spot cleaning.  Seriously, when considering this SAH gig, I thought, yikes, I am a terrible house cleaner.  Now when both of us were working, the story was, well, we’re busy, working, two kids, no time to clean the house.  Now, since all I have been doing is sitting around eating bon-bons (I know!  Best job ever!) I really should become a better housecleaner.  Which I think I read somewhere may encompass spot-cleaning clothes.  Which I don’t have any knack/interest in.

3) Soph likes to talk.  A lot.  You know sometimes at work, when you need a break, you could shut your door and put your head down for five minutes?  I miss that.  All that other stuff that went along with my job?  Not so much (right now.  This may change in a few days months).  But shutting my door?  Yep. 

4) Number 3 explains why I have become a naptime vigilante.  Ok, so the term is somewhat scary, and I don’t walk around seriously enforcing nap-time in special vigilante gear (don’t vigilantes wear special clothing?  Or was that just a bad episode of CSI?), but quiet time is important.  So I can eat bon-bons in peace.

5) My kids make me laugh.  A lot.  Recent example: Soph, who has inherited our family genes for making a mess genius, likes to play in her room.  And her play seems to involve dumping out all of her books and stuffed animals and every other knick knack from every birthday party she has ever attended.  And so I gently reminded her to clean up.  And she told me I had to help her.  This made me laugh.  Because I didn’t make your mess, sister!  You made it!  Clean that room up! And clean ours up while you’re at it (this made her laugh too.  See, fun!  We have fun here in this household!)

6) J is apparently a distant relation to Spiderman.  The babe does not like to sit still.  Crawling he is mastering, no doubt walking is sure to come soon.  Time to hide the good stuff.

Maybe if I look hard enough, I can find out exactly what is in this baby brain.

 I guess that’s all I ‘ve learned.  And to think I don’t get paid for this?  Crazy!

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  1. Chiquita permalink
    August 4, 2011 5:09 pm

    Welcome to the blogosphere Becca-Xon! I think you should trademark “naptime vigilante” and make sure it includes parnetheses.

  2. Laurie permalink
    August 4, 2011 10:27 pm

    Welcome to stay-at-home Mommyhood and a whole new set of excuses as to why the house is still a mess. It seems “they did it” is a perfect one for you!!! Aiden used to dump his books regularly until one day it coincided with a particularly premenstrual day even for me. I walked in on the 3rd dump job of the day. I was so despondent that I couldn’t even scold him. I just sat on the floor and cried. He was so upset that he made me cry that he never did it again. He even helped me clean it up. Guilt…who knew that worked on Tell Roop to do his share. It hasn’t worked on my husband but I am hopeful for you…lol. It does get better…..eventually they go to college. It goes by so fast. Hold onto every second! You can always clean the house when they are grown.

  3. Dell permalink
    August 9, 2011 11:59 pm

    Wait. What do you have against chickens? They are allowed in the city, mamacita and eat all sorts of critters and they leave you edible presents. HELLO! The only presents my other pets leave me are certainly not that.

    And, seriously, a clean house is reflective of an idle mind. I didn’t make that up. Or trademark it. But I give you permission to think it smugly in your head when you walk into a house with kids and it’s spotless. I’m thinking it’s a wire hanger scenario, too.

    You are fabulous at whatever you choose to do. This just another example of that efficacy. I used a fancy “therapy” word. Maybe not correctly, but I used it.

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